Sunday, May 2, 2010

Turkeys, Drinks and Animal Prints

The turkey is entirely cake. His tailfeathers are made from royal icing. All the rest is done in buttercream.

A friend ordered a Colorado Bulldog cake. It was for the 40th birthday of another friend. She has a habit of saving all the straws from her drinks to keep rack of how many she's had. One night she ended up with 9 straws in her glass. He favorite drink is a Bulldog, hence the cake.
This was my first attempt at poured sugar. I made the glass. Not perfect, but not to shabby for the first try, I think! I found the giant straws at Maxwell's, thought they'd be perfect for this and will be excellent cake dowels as well.
The cake is chocolate cake with Kahlua, Bailey's Irish Cream cake and tiramisu filling. I think that make have to become a standard flavor in my repertoire. YUMMY!

The animal print cake was for a 50th birthday celebration. It was marble cake, red velvet cake and carrot cake. The icings were buttercream and cream cheese frosting and buttercream decorations.