Friday, February 4, 2011


 A cake made to the specifications of Miss Isabel on her 4th birthday; a chocolate cake with pink frosting, strawberries, cherries and green apples.  I had hoped she wouldn't mind my substituting raspberries for the green apples.
By the looks of it, she didn't seem to mind the lack of green apples.

Let's narrow down some of the cakes I've made since I thought I lost access to my blog...

No, Seriously!  I make other things than boob cakes!  Apparently I started a trend.  This was a spin off from the set of cakes I had done a month or so prior to this.  I don't remember the flavor of this cake, but it is marshmallow fondant and royal icing.
See?  A Quinceaneara cake.  This was vanilla cake layered with chocolate buttercream and fresh strawberries.  All buttercream decorations.
This was the filling for the Quinceaneara cake.

Oh my gosh, I did it!

I stupidly changed my password some months ago, then forgot what I changed it to, so haven't been able to log in here for so long!  I'm baa-aack!