Monday, June 13, 2011

J.M.J. +

 My son's First Communion cake.  Green is his favorite color.  The cake scraps on the right are from his birthday cake 2 days prior. 
A cake for the reception of the Consecration to Jesus through Mary on the Feast of the Visitation, per the design specifications or Msgr. Mangan.  I did use a little artistic license, though.


Graduation Party Cake

 This was for a girl who is an avid cake show watcher and aspiring cake decorator.  They wanted something with lots of bling and that reflected her love of tea parties with the little girls she babysits.
The bottom is vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling, the top is carrot cake.

Graduation 2011

Hey Ferb!

Bieber Fever *wretch*

How to make a bunch of 14 year old girls squeal.  *sigh*
All buttercream, including the image, which is a hand piped buttercream transfer.

4th Annual CMN Cake Challenge

The theme this year was "Vintage Wedding Cake"  To raise money for the cause, I made 3 practice cakes and auctioned them on my facebook page. 
My cake didn't place this year.  Evidently the bow was too big, the cake was a little lopsided, and they thought the hearts on the top tier distracted from the stringwork below.  Did you see the dropstrings?  I'm still proud of this cake, and look forward to the competition next year.