Thursday, August 6, 2009


"Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for the totally KILLER cake! I couldn't have come up with something more beautiful (or delicious!). ~Rachel

"This cake not only looked tasted GREAT! You did an awesome job, Carrie! Thanks again!" ~Jen

"These were, without question, the funniest cakes I have ever seen. They COMPLETELY rocked. Better yet, to describe their flavor I can only say this: The chocolate cake was literally a culinary orgasm. The carrot cake was a religious experience. Now, I should tell you that, at one point, I was actually eating a piece of BOTH of them AT THE SAME TIME -- my first official "two-fisted" cake experience. Thus, these cakes have officially produced my first ever simultaneous culinary/sexual/religious experience. Yeah. They were THAT good. I would almost be willing to become a Republican if it meant I could have cake like this every day....

PS: The village people, red meets blue, Dem meets Rep, "marriage eqality 2010" cake was my favorite. The chcolate one we actually finished off for breakfast this morning, and the "Return to the Right 2013" was ousted from our house, and is currently making a group of retiree church volunteers VERY happy. Thanks again!" ~Nichole

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