Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jessica & Brian

 Jessica and Brian are family friends.  It was such an honor to have Jessica ask me to make her cake.  She just wanted something small for them to cut for pictures (They had sheet cakes from a *gasp* grocery store bakery, but in their defense, the groom's father manages said grocery store).  Although she just wanted a photo op, this is three tiers of lucious chocolate cake, none of which was served at the reception.  Still totally fun to make, and since the wedding and reception are hours away from where I live, I had the opportunity to work in the kitchen at the reception site.  Love love LOVE the stainless steel counters!

 I made the Gerbera Daisies from gumpaste and my fancy daisy cutters. They are quite painstaking, but totally worth the effort!

 The cake on the reception table.

Jessica and Brian cutting their cake!

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